what to wear

What to wear on a session?!?!

All I can say is don’t play it safe! Unless of course your just a safe, boring person! Be yourself! I know that sounds cliché, but really, is it truly like you and your fiancé to wear the exact same thing? Not usually… Everyone has their own unique style and personality. If you want, bring a few things and we’ll try out more than one outfit. Just remember to mix it up; don’t bring all formal clothes. Throw in a casual outfit as well.If it is an engagement, don’t match exactly; just try to coordinate your colors and patters so they don’t clash.

Good ideas for girls, Layers! & lots of texture – denim jackets, corduroy, scarves, lace and ruffles. another good idea is to wear form fitting clothes. by that i don’t mean tube tops or extra tight clothes. But a more form fitting top or jeans with give a more slender look than baggy tops and pants.

Accessories! Colorful bangles and earrings or some sweet layered necklaces. Maybe even some cute high heels. High heels always make you look taller and more slender and they are super fashiony:)

For boys, same principle goes, Layers and lots of texture! Cool jeans, jackets and hats always look good.

And please, by all means don’t be afraid of COLOR! There’s nothing like vivid color and rich texture! Many of the images below you will see the accessories match the colors in the location. for example if a girl is wearing orange accessories, then i will set out on the hunt for a bright orange wall to accent what she is wearing. if you can let me know in advance what you plan to wear, even better!

Consider the time of year you are being photographed. If the leaves are changing, think about a color that will accent the surroundings. Scarves are always a great accessory to bring any time of year!

You are more than welcome to bring props. Whatever it is that speaks about you and your style. For me, it might be my camera and a funky green chair. For you, it may be a guitar, parasol, or some sweet aviator sunglasses. Props aren’t just things you hold, they can be anything you do such as drawing with sidewalk chalk,  blowing bubbles, riding bikes/scooters, or flying a kite. Don’t hesitate to bring something totally random! We will find a way to incorporate it and have fun while were at it! But seriously, go to your grandma’s house and snag a colorful quilt or vintage chair and we are good to go!

Where will my session be?

I get asked this a lot. I am more than happy to take you to a few of my favorite spots; however, if you have a place that is special to you or just a cool place you spotted, I am totally up for something new. My creativity flows most when I am in a totally new place I have never been! If not, I generally will meet you at a local area in town and we will move from there. I love to explore new places, so be prepared to maybe give me a few quizzical looks if I walk around the pretty fancy water fountain to the grungy alley in the distance. That’s just the way my mind works. And my goal is to give you something completely unique and your own!

I love to shoot in urban and rural environments, so if you have any spot in mind, let me know!

Here are some good examples of what to wear and what to bring

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