houston bridal photographer | vintage styled bridal shoot

I have been dreaming of doing a styled bridal shoot for a while now and I am so thrilled to be able to unveil this gorgeous vintage styled bridal shoot! I want to thank everyone that was involved. There is absolutely no way we could have pulled this off without every helping hand and creative eye! I am blessed beyond measure that this whole event turned out so well and that so many were willing to provide their amazing services. Venue: The Kurz family home - Richmond, TX

Models: Crystal Dyson & Danielle Goates

Hair & Makeup provided by: Leah Nygren of Your Beautiful Face Co

Cupcakes provided by: Christine Beaver of Sugar Blossom Treats (Delish! check them out, they are located on 1960)

Jewelry provide by: Kendra Scott Jewelry (all jewelry except pearl necklace with brooch and rings)

Props & Design: Laurel White of Laurel White Designs & Danielle Goates of Sunday Hatch. These two have joined together to form White Goat Vintage.

Bouquets: Amber O'Neill - contact Amber here - amber.oneill74@gmail.com

Other floral arrangements: Laurel White and Danielle Goates.

Dress: Crystal - Forever 21, Danielle - Jim Hjelm

Accessories: Leah Nygren, Kristen Dyson, Danielle Goates and the help of my sweet mom and friends ;)

Sweets sign: Darenda Leffel

Tree stump cake stand: Danielle Goates of Sunday Hatch. Click here to purchase Danielle's awesome cake stands

I also want to thank Laurel and Danielle's husbands, Tim and Rob, for helping with the heavy lifting and setup, and Darenda, Danielle's mom, for keeping us fed and hydrated ;) Gorgeous Kendra Scott jewels