houston wedding photographer | madera estates wedding | carrie + michael

What wedding have you ever been to that has 70+ CrossFitters attend?! I can say this was a first for me! Carrie & Michael own Man Made CrossFit in Cypress, TX and clearly this super sweet couple has a huge support system of good looking, super fit, and fun loving friends! It's evident they are like family! The dance floor was packed the entire night, which is a sure sign of a successful wedding day! Carrie & Michael's wedding was that rare day in April that was 45 degrees! They toughed it out and still managed to do all of their pictures and ceremony outside! It was cold but it was just stunning from start to finish! Huge shoutout to a former bride of mine, Brittany Peters of Madera Estates, for all of her incredible work coordinating the day and making everything run smoothly despite the unpredictable weather!

houston wedding photographer | taylor + david's nouveau antique art bar wedding

Taylor & David were married on a wintery day in downtown Houston at the Nouveau Antique Art Bar. You may have seen their engagement session taken here as well. I just love the Tiffany lamps hanging everywhere! They give off such beautiful color and ambiance. Taylor found me through her sister Tara, whose wedding I photographed a couple years back. I just love these two girls! They were both a joy to work with and have such natural beauty and stylish flair! Here are some of my favorites from the day! Thank you to my trusty sidekick Leah for always doing such an awesome job and for loaning me black boots to wear at this wedding since I have zero closed toe black shoes! I guess I am just a warm weather girl at heart! houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david001houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david002houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david003houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david004houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david005houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david006houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david007houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david008houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david009houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david010houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david011houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david012houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david013houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david014houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david015houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david016houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david017houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david018houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david019houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david020houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david021houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david022houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david023houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david024houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david025houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david026houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david027houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david028houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david029houston-wedding-photographer-nouveau-antique-art-bar-wedding-taylor-david030

houston photography workshop | square one with jacki

Meet Melynda! Melynda was our model for Jacki's Square One Workshop. Jacki and I spent the day discussing everything there is to know about photography! We practiced elements involved behind the camera including: camera settings, shooting in manual, posing, lighting, and equipment. After spending some time photographing Melynda, we spent the rest of the day discussing techniques behind the computer including: culling, editing, facial retouching, blogging, and the list goes on and on! I had such a fun time getting to know both Jacki and Melynda! Jacki, you are a rockstar and I am excited to see you grow as a photographer! Melynda, you are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your beauty and sweet personality with us! A huge thank you also goes out to Mary Turner for rocking her amazing makeup skills once again! Mary, you never cease to amaze me with your talent! If you are a photographer interested in learning more about Square One Workshops, click here.