houston wedding photographer | caroline + ryan's engagement in the heights

I am so excited to post this adorable engagement shoot! We spent the evening shooting in the Heights and North Boulevard. Caroline & Ryan even brought along their sweet pup! I absolutely adore every one of their pictures! Have a happy Thursday!

houston wedding photographer | tara + ben's discovery green engagement

Meet the super hip, sweet couple Tara & Ben! You may recognize them from Natalie and Trey's wedding back in November. I am so excited to have the opportunity to be a part of their wedding day! We spent the afternoon exploring Discovery Green park and the surrounding area. I just love the image below with the Houston skyline and Tara's BHLDN fans. Enjoy the many faves! Tara&BenEngagementBlog001Tara&BenEngagementBlog002Tara&BenEngagementBlog003Tara&BenEngagementBlog004Tara&BenEngagementBlog006Tara&BenEngagementBlog007Tara&BenEngagementBlog009Tara&BenEngagementBlog011Tara&BenEngagementBlog013Tara&BenEngagementBlog015Tara&BenEngagementBlog017Tara&BenEngagementBlog019Tara&BenEngagementBlog021Tara&BenEngagementBlog023Tara&BenEngagementBlog025

houston wedding photographer | natalie + trey's wedding in the heights

Natalie and Trey had a romantic and quaint yet adorably unique backyard wedding at the Sycamore Heights B&B. I loved Natalie's vintage cover up and bow sash from BHLDN. Natalie took off the original flower embellishment from her dress and added the BHLDN bow only a few hours before the ceremony. It looked amazing and totally fit her personality! The reception was held at the Heights Theatre downtown. It was a perfect atmosphere for the couple's unique style. Natalie and Trey special requested their nicknames to be on the marquee at the theatre. It was an adorable way to personalize their venue. You can check out Natalie and Trey's fun engagement session in the Heights here. Enjoy! Natalie&TreyBlog001Natalie&TreyBlog002Natalie&TreyBlog003Natalie&TreyBlog004Natalie&TreyBlog005Natalie&TreyBlog006Natalie&TreyBlog007Natalie&TreyBlog008Natalie&TreyBlog009Natalie&TreyBlog010Natalie&TreyBlog011Natalie&TreyBlog012Natalie&TreyBlog013Natalie&TreyBlog014Natalie&TreyBlog015Natalie&TreyBlog016Natalie&TreyBlog017Natalie&TreyBlog018Natalie&TreyBlog019Natalie&TreyBlog020Natalie&TreyBlog021Natalie&TreyBlog022Natalie&TreyBlog023Natalie&TreyBlog024Natalie&TreyBlog025Natalie&TreyBlog026Natalie&TreyBlog027Natalie&TreyBlog028Natalie&TreyBlog029Natalie&TreyBlog030Natalie&TreyBlog031Natalie&TreyBlog032Natalie&TreyBlog033Natalie&TreyBlog034Natalie&TreyBlog035Natalie&TreyBlog036Natalie&TreyBlog037Natalie&TreyBlog038Natalie&TreyBlog039Natalie&TreyBlog040